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ARBUTUS - Simplify your path to better utilization and results. The best interface between your data and meaningful answers. Gives you powerful audit analytics that will uncover results. Gives you analytics solutions that best meet the challenging demands you and your team face. You can become better advisors to the organization through progressive and complementary analytics that drive assurance in business data, processes and controls. World class help and kwnoledge. when and where you need it.

ARBUTUS - for software that is running low on maintenance and high in results.

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Change can represent perceived risk. Arbutus is uniquely positioned to greatly minimize the risks associated with changing your analysis technology. Arbutus can both complement tools like Excel and/or replace existing analysis tools (like ACL). Arbutus’ compatibility with ACL has proven to greatly minimize your transition risk.

The road to using data analysis can be difficult to navigate without the right help. For many audit teams, the reality has fallen short of the vision. Audit analysis technology has frequently caused frustration in both implementation and team uptake. We can help change that.

At both individual and team levels, Arbutus provides new and improved capabilities and support for improved audit testing that highlights areas of increased risk and control weaknesses in your organization. Arbutus is the shortest path within your complex IT environment to effective analysis and better results.

The deployment and use of centralized data analysis and continuous monitoring has been identified by audit executives a key part of audit, risk management, and compliance strategies. And yet, many organizations still struggle with how best to execute an enterprise strategy. Moving beyond a desktop-based solution doesn’t need to be frustrating, complex or costly.


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