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In the corporate world today, technology is a major driving force for achieving competitive advantage through cost reductions and management of internal resources. Back office management of Purchase Requests to Goods Receipts, service support from suppliers for your assets without developed traffic, procurement process, and timely delivery of services to internal staff are key components in maintaining that competitive advantage.

4Sight-AMS has been designed to provide a user friendly solution to administrative operations in large corporations, banks and government offices. From logistics to manpower, accounting to insurance, 4Sight-AMS fully supports administrative processes, allowing the management team to focus on their core objectives. 4Sight-AMS has been developed in Java to allow the application to be web based allowing multiple user access from any location and at any time. As with every 4Sight solution, 4Sight-AMS is fully compatible with Microsoft platforms and uses Microsoft SQL Server as the back end: the solution is composed of the industry standard specifications, is easy to maintain and requires no specialist training. The 4Sight-AMS solution is composed of sixteen modules each designed to handle a specific operation. We also offer thirteen optional modules which can be chosen based on your business requirements. All modules supplied with 4Sight-AMS are fully integrated, so transaction time is minimized, entering information is never duplicated and is automatically updated and captured according to the specifications entered.

4sight projects

Create your organization, zones, branches and cost centers in this module along with user access to screens and reports.

The conditions and parameters can be set based on your internal business process. An audit trial can be configured to check user activities on 4Sight –AMS.

Create master templates to process transactions in a fast, user friendly manner. Your suppliers and customers can be created as one single party with one code but your customer and supplier ledgers are maintained separately.

Generally used by all employees in the organization to send requests for assets, consumables and services. This helps the employees to avoid unnecessary phone calls and follow-ups with their administration staff who handle asset and consumable distribution. The status of an employee’s request is automatically updated as per the progress made. Support desk provides hassle free management for supervisors and managers to handle purchases and expenses for the organization.

Procurement assists the purchase department throughout the purchase process. Purchase requests can be converted to purchase lists and purchase orders. Float an enquiry to your suppliers and update their quotes to perform quotation analysis based on criteria such as ‘lowest quote’, ‘fastest delivery’ and more. An option available is to integrate your website with the flotation of quotations – this can double up as SRM.

Manage the store of consumables required for your organization’s day to day operation. This module helps you ensure that your consumables are easily locate and adequately allocated to the right end users.

For organizations with multiple locations this module is particularly useful. Collate all electricity bills, telephone bills, internet bills, and other utility bills and debit top your various cost centre. Once approved, bills will be transferred to the central payment module for finalization. This module assists you in analyzing the cost of running various locations – and lower unnecessary expenses.

Keep track of you leasing contracts, maintenance contracts for your assets, and insurance contracts. This module maintains the number of contracts awarded to various suppliers, landlords and service providers to help you make informed decisions when preparing or renewing contracts. You can also process open contracts for regular purchases location-wise.

Process petty cash for every claim with an approval process.Original bills can be scanned and attached or the reference number of the petty cash and submitted to the finance department to make the claims.

This module automatically tracks the movement of couriers between departments and branches for larger organizations. This module is of tremendous help to employees for sending important papers to other departments and branches.

CoA (Chart of Account) Maintenance. 4Sight - AMS provides an industry standard GL structure to process the posting of financial entries. This module also has a Journal Voucher and JV template for recurring expenses. Provisional closing and year-end closing are also provided. Export your entries to other systems through a text file export function.

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